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The Music Lab at Jefferson Center serves the music community as one of the premiere state-of-the-art recording facilities in Southwest Virginia.  The studio boasts up to 26 simultaneous inputs, a vast collection of microphones and preamplifiers, four isolation rooms, a spacious live room, and years of experience in both recording and mixing.
Contact Music Lab at (540) 685-2309 for more information.

Equipment List

4     Shure SM57
2     Shure SM58
1     EV RE20
1     Shure SM7b
1     Sennheiser 441
3     Sennheiser 421
1     Audix D6
1     Shure Beta 52
1     Beyer M88
1    EV 635 A
2     Audix SCX 25A (pair)
2     Neumann TLM103 (pair)     
2     Earthworks TC 25 (pair)
1     Earthworks SR25
1     Beyer M500 Cardioid Ribbon
2     Peluso R14 Ribbon (pair)
1     Peluso SR14 Stereo Ribbon
1     Yamaha Subkick
2     Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon
4     Neumann KM184 (2 pair)

1    Bang and Olufsen Beomic 1000 Dynamic
1     Peluso 2247 Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser (Neumann U47 Clone)
1    Avantone CV-12 Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser (AKG C-12 Clone)
1    SE Electronics SE 5000 Cardioid Condenser (AKG C-12 Clone)

Outboard Equipment/Preamps

2 Channels   A Designs Pacifica
2 Channels   API 512c     
8 Channels   Focusrite Octopre (ADAT to system)
8 Channels   Mackie Onyx (ADAT to system)    
1 Channel     Presonus Eureka     
4 Channels   RME (onboard interface)
1 Channel     Universal Audio solo 610


2 Euphonix MC Mix
1 Euphonix MC Control


Mac Pro 8 Core 3 GHz, 8 gigs RAM
Logic Studio 9
Many Plug-Ins including Antares Auto Tune EVO and iZotope Ozone 4
Hearback system with 6 hubs (independent headphone mixes for 6 players)


Nord Electro 2
Roland XP-30       
Taye Studio Maple Kit
Grestch Catalina Maple Kit
Bosphorus Master Series Cymbals
G&L SB-2 Bass
Bosphorus Gold Series Cymbals   
Taye Double Braced Drum Hardware
Peavey 412 4 Ohm Guitar Cabinet
Yamaha Upright Piano
Gibson J-200
Fender Custom Shop Robert Cray Stratocaster        
Danelectro '56 Single Cutaway (reissue)
Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 22
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Gibson Les Paul Studio w/ EMG active pickups
Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket    
Egnater Tweaker 15w Head
Peavey Ultra Tube 212 Combo
Wurlitzer Upright Piano